Junk Car Removal Service Online

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What We Do

Welcome to our website.  We are a junk car removal company that operates online.  We are able to serve large areas of the country from our one central location.  If you have a junk car or truck that you would like removed from your property, we can help you with that.  Not only do we remove junk cars and trucks for free, we also will pay cash for junk cars and trucks on the spot.  Read more about our services, and hopefully we can work together very soon.

How It Works

We have taken many steps to make sure that getting your junk car removed is as easy as possible.  To start the process, simply go to our main site, MoreCashForJunkCars.com - A Junk Car Removal Service, and fill out the short form telling us a little about your vehicle.  After you have done so, we will make you an offer to buy the junk vehicle.  If our offer sounds good to you, we will then start the removal process.

We will then get a tow truck dispatched to your location, and have the junk car removed from the property.  After this is done, we will pay you the money that we agreed upon.  This process is meant to be easy, and the entire thing is really hands off for the seller.  Be sure that we are going to be offering the most money for your junk car or truck.

When You Get Paid

Most people want to know how soon they will get the money for their junk car, after we have picked the vehicle up from your property.  In most cases, we are able to pay the individual for their vehicle on the spot.  In some cases, depending on how the individual would like to be paid, it could take a couple of business days to get the payment to you.  If you would like cash on the spot, we can always to do that for you.

Our Guarantee

The one thing that we can guarantee with our service, is that you will be completely satisfied.  Whether it be how fast the junk car is removed, or how much money you will get paid, customer satisfaction is our number one concern.  If you have any questions before starting the junk car removal process, please feel free to ask us at anytime.  We are available at all times, and would be more than happy to answer any concern you may have.  We promise to be the best, and we work every day to keep that promise to our customers.